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  • Excerpts from John Boit’s Log, first mate to the American Captain Robert Gray, May 1792
  • Digital Images of selected treaties made at Tansy Point between Anson Dart and tribes of western Oregon Country in August 1851, including those who now comprise the Chinook Indian Nation: the Clatsop, Kathlamet, Lower, Wahkiakum, and Willapa bands of the Chinook Tribe of Indians and the Konaack and Klatskanie.  Downloadable .pdf of each treaty with an explanatory headnote. 
  • Lower Chinook Ethnographic Notes by Verne Ray, University of Washington Publications in Anthropology, Volume 7, No. 2, 1938: Introduction; pp. 29-165. An ethnographic account of the Lower Chinookan people based on historical sources and interviews with Emma Millet Luscier and Isabelle Aubichon Bertrand.